Foraging - Natures free food


Late spring is the perfect time to try a little foraging for a lovely free food from Mother Nature, Wild Garlic. It is so easy to identify amongst the British countryside, here in north Devon, you can find it growing in abundance along the country lanes, lining the hedgerows with it's pretty fragrant flowers,  Both the leaves and flowers are edible, the leaves are  best picked when the plant is young, before the flowers emerge, there are many recipes that you can use, adding to soups, sauces and pesto, when the flowers open usually around the beginning of April through to June, you can add those for a potent punch to salads and sandwiches. I personally enjoy using the leaves for my homemade soups. I am lucky we have a very old woodland nearby, in fact mentioned in the Doomsday Book, every year this prolific growing plant carpets the wood along with another English springtime favourite, Bluebells, such a pretty sight to see.  These flowers I have used in this photo were found  growing in my garden, we back onto the woodland, which makes my garden a very green, shady place, along with a massive population of slugs, I really struggle to produce flowers, so these are a true delight for me!