Simple Animation Looping App - easy peasy way

I was delighted to learn about this App, Ripl, from taking part in a course on, the course is The Cut, all about how to create your own videos. Ripl is one of their recommendations as it creates super easy yet simple animation looping films. I quickly liked this tool as it is so easy to understand and navigate around, but the points I really liked, were that I could replace their 'standard' backgrounds with my own images, you are able to change the layout, the style, the fonts, the colours, plus a real bonus is that you are able to change the colour palettes using Hex codes, so if you have a particular colour palette that perhaps you have on your IG gallery or website, you can produce these lovely little animated films that will look cohesive on your own blogs or my case my website. As proof of its ease of use, I had within 10 minutes of downloading the app created this little animation, by uploading my own image, changing the font, adding my own text, changed the layout and voila, the result is below. After you have completed the animation it also helps you to store the film onto you own camera roll, then share, I chose Instagram as I wanted to promote a new hashtag that I created with some friends which we are just starting to run on Instagram. By the way, we would love you to join in with us, no need to follow anybody either, just post your image and tag #serendipitystyling.   Have fun using Ripl xo