Small and perfectly formed, the Mirrorless Olympus M10 Mark ii

As much as I love my Canon 6d camera which being a full frame, although often referred to as the 'budget' full frame, produces stunning photos, I find the lenses make this a heavy bit of kit to carry around, for some time now I have been considering buying an alternative smaller camera, in the end I have opted for the Olympus M10 Mark ii, Mirrorless camera. Moving from Canon was a big step, but I felt that mirrorless cameras by Olympus have a much wider range of compatible lenses, infact you can use Panasonic lenses also with Olympus without any adaptors required. Canon offer less choice for their equivalent mirrorless cameras, although the sales man went to great lengths to tell me I could still use some of my Canon lenses on their mirrorless range, using an adaptor, but my point was, that I am trying to minimise the weight that I carry around with camera gear and no longer wished to use the big weighty lenses!  I have bought  the Silver and and Black M10 Mii model as I loved it's gorgeous retro vibe.  I did  upgrade from the kit lens, buying the fabulous 17mm f1.8 lens which is a brilliant little prime lens. I am lover of shallow dof shots and was a little worried that with the much smaller sensor this really wouldn't work as well in my images, but this little gem of a lens creates beautiful dof and bokeh too!  I have already noticed a big difference in the photographs I am capturing, simply by having this little camera with me all of the time, compared to previous occasions when I would be thinking, do I want to carry that heavy camera around, perhaps no, then I left it at home more often than taking it with me, not to mention I was always worrying about damaging it and the cost of repairs! No point having a camera if you leave it home, now I pop my Olympus into my handbag and barely notice it is there! 

I took it for a trip to RHS Rosemoor in Great Torrington, such beautiful gardens and a perfect summers day too!  Their Rose Garden is one of my favourite areas to visit, they have an enormous variety of beautiful specimen roses mainly from David Austin which are an absolute delight to photograph!  I found this Rose bud halfway in bloom, perfect in every way without any imperfections at all, yes I took the cliche shot, but it is just stunningly beautiful.  The name of this rose is Olivia in the  David Austin collection.