Thanks to the lovely and clever people at one of the membership benefits, include these fabulous colourful Makelight 'Insights Reports' they produce from a members Instagram account.  

They produce a monthly 'overall' colour palette, this is one from earlier in the year.  They are a great way to see how your colour palette is developing. At the end of last year, I could see that my 'colour palette' was not what I liked at all, in fact very little colour was appearing, more neutrals, such as stones,creams,greys,  which I found a little unusual as I so love pink and spring bright colours, This was when I decided I need some help, joining Makelight was just what I needed, I si9ned up for Emily Quinton's Beautify your Instagram Course, what an inspiration that was, here I am now a few months down the road, and I have a colour palette that I simply adore!          



I truly adore the reports created from individual images, they include many more colours but  I enjoy creating a colour palette design using 5 of my favourite colours from the set.     

Naturally I had to share a few of my Spring favourites ;)  

Deliciously fragrant Wild Garlic usually discovered growing in abundance in the hedgerows of our beautiful north Devon lanes and woodlands, these were picked from my garden, we have a very old woodland behind our home, which in early spring is almost totally carpeted with these fragrant free foods from lovely mother nature!        


Anemones, they are hard not to love don't you think, this was particularly frilly! 


These peonies were a huge surprise, I had no idea when I bought these what  stunning peachy orange tones they would be, in their tight bud form, the shades were very much darker!  Aren't they stunning!   


From a posting about the lilac I had rescued for my photography! 


Summertime to me is the sight of Peonies, I simply adore their frilly petals and gorgeous jewel like shades of colours! Using the beautiful Instagram Insights Reports that are produced by the super talented owners of, Emily and Stef, I have created some colour palettes from a few of my favourite Peony images in June. 


Pretty Pinks


Gorgeous neutrals 


Pinks and yellows, such a stunning combination!